Xiaomi issues browser updates amid reports on data privacy of Mi and Redmi users

Xiaomi has claimed that they collect aggregated usage data for its internal analysis

Amidst reports on data privacy of Mi and Redmi branded smartphone users, Xiaomi has issued updates for all its browsers. The updates are available for the Mi browser, Mi browser pro and Mint browser. Recently, Forbes published an exclusive article on data privacy issues of Xiaomi smartphone users.

Spying allegation

The report details the findings of two security analysts on how the OS kernels of Xiaomi devices are instructed to retrieve minute user behaviour information regarding apps, files and browsing habits. The analysts had also claimed that the devices made by the Chinese smartphone maker are collecting user data and sending back to its servers even when the user has turned on the incognito or private mode.

Xiaomi's statement

Xiaomi countered the allegation by asserting that they are maintaining all the required user privacy protection laws and regulations in the countries and regions they operate in. The company has said that they collect user data based on permission and consent given explicitly by its users. They have also said that they "ensure the whole process is anonymous and encrypted" while collecting user data.

Xiaomi has claimed that they collect aggregated usage statistics data for its internal analysis, and they ensure delinking of all the data from users' personally identifiable data (PII).

Xiaomi said a blog post: "Given our goal of providing world-class secure services and products to all users, our next Mint Browser and Mi Browser software update will include an option in incognito mode for all users of both browsers to switch on/off the aggregated data collection, to further strengthen the control we grant users over sharing their own data with Xiaomi."

"We believe this functionality, in combination with our approach of maintaining aggregated data in non-identifiable form, goes beyond any legal requirements and demonstrates our company's commitment to user privacy."

All the updates to its three browsers have been rolled out in Google's Play store.

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