Xbox manager reveals new AAA exclusive games

Xbox's product manager Aaron Greenberg reveals a couple of AAA exclusive games that are coming to the Xbox One.

Microsoft has been in the hot seat recently following the spate of backlash hurled at them by the Xbox community. The latest criticism relates to Xbox One's lack of AAA exclusive titles. For a Microsoft manager, the button has been pushed that ended him revealing a couple of AAA exclusive games coming to the console.

AAA exclusive games

In a recent interview with GamerTagRadio, Microsoft's product manager at Xbox Aaron Greenberg revealed that more AAA games are slated to be launched before the Electronic Entertainment Expo event next year.

Realtime Worlds' Crackdown, Rare's Sea of Thieves, Playful's Super Lucky Tale, Undead Lab's State of Decay 2, Studio MDHR's Cuphead, and Turn 10 Studios' Forza Motorsport 7 are some of the multimillion-dollar video games Greenberg mentioned, adding that much more will be unveiled as upcoming titles soon.

On criticisms that Xbox has only a few AAA exclusive titles, he said: "We felt like we showed a lot of great AAA games. It's tough because if you show too many AAA games, people are gonna be like 'oh man, all you're showing us are big blockbusters, we want to see more variety and diversity'. We just showed everything. But with that said, largely what we showed was games that are going to launch between now and E3 next year."

Home console war

In the meantime, the home console war recently was confronted by a state of shock following the revelation of Sony and Microsoft's former executive Phil Harrison that he prefers the Nintendo Switch over Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Most likely, his comment made the video game industry reconsider their preferences as well.

Despite Harrison used to work at Sony and Microsoft, he chose Nintendo's current generation console—Switch—primarily because it is largely investing on its contents and broadening the user experience through its innovations. He opined, Microsoft and Sony are still stuck in the same goal to attract hardcore gamers.