X-Rated Video Shows Randy Couple Brazenly Having Sex on Train's Seat While Passengers Film Them (WATCH)

A couple has been caught having sex on the passenger seats of a train while other commuters filmed them. The horny couple started having wild sex in public either on a Northern Rail service or one run by Scots Rail.

Two X-rated videos of the couple have been posted on Twitter. The clip shows a man sitting on the passenger seat while his female partner is riding a cowgirl on him.

A horny couple having sex on atrain
A horny couple having sex on a train Screengrab

Video Shows Female Jumping On The Boy

It appears that the first video was shot from behind the seat of the couple. The next video, which is shot from beside the couple, shows the female jumping on the boy aggressively.

The originator of the video claims, on his Twitter account, to be from Wigan, but it is not clear if the video was taken on a train in the area – although many speculated that it could be either a Northern Rail service or one run by Scots Rail, according to Daily Star.

Having Sex in Public Areas is Against The Law

"That's awful, I mean, who sits backward on a train!!!! Thought she had hairy arms for a sec" wrote @Gabriel_Shoe after posting the video of the incident. The video went viral on social media platforms and drew hundreds of reactions.

"She's doing a great job over there," said a user while another commented, "Don't get that on the train at bare lane when I've been on." "The guy who is watching the security cameras is having the time of his life prob," tweeted @Fibbix_.

In the horny moment, the couple actually broke the law as having sex in public areas such as in a toilet is against the law, according to the Public Order Act 1986.

It could also fall foul of public decency laws as it could cause "harassment, alarm or distress to others" - although clearly not the bloke who filmed this romp.

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