WWE: Undertaker drops a huge hint on wrestling future and WrestleMania

The Undertaker
The Undertaker Twitter/@WWEUniverse

WWE Superstar The Undertaker recently attended an interview by Ed Young of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, Callaway at the C3 Conference and the wrestler dropped a hint about his future with the company.

The Deadman whose real name is Mark Calaway spoke about building his character and how always wanted people to actually wonder whether he is dead in real life or not. "I have lived this for the last 28 years and my goal when I started doing this was to have people actually wonder, 'Is he really dead?' and a lot of people actually believed it until the internet came along," said The Undertaker.

Undertaker then went to talk about his time as a full-time wrestler and revealed that he would be on the road for 8-9 months in a year which was about 250 to 270 days. He said that, in that time, he used to fly to a town, find a hotel, hit the gym, eat food, go to an arena to wrestle, come back to sleep and repeat the same exercise in a different town the next day.

The Deadman also revealed how he worked excessively the previous year and realised that he is not a "20-year-old" anymore. "Last year, I kind of lost of my mind and thought that I was a young 20-year-old again," he said.

"This one month we do Monday Night Raw. We flew from Austin, Texas to Seattle, Washington. On Tuesday, I flew back from Seattle to Washington. On Wednesday, I got up and flew from Austin to LA and then LA to Melbourne. I landed in Australia on Friday, wrestled there on Saturday and flew home on Sunday. I was in air longer than I was in country."

The Deadman continued, "Three weeks later I did the same thing. I went from Austin to Charlotte, then back from Charlotte to Austin on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I went to DC and then from DC I go to Saudi Arabia."

"It's a crazy deal. I get there (Saudi Arabia) on Friday. I wrestle on Saturday. Went right from the stadium to the airport. Caught a charter plane to Madrid and then caught a commercial flight from Madrid back to Atlanta then Atlanta back to Austin. So again, more time in the air then I was in the country. That was last year, hopefully, this year I'm a little smarter with what I do because those weren't really fun," he said.

The Deadman thus indicated that although he will not retire this year but he will work a lighter schedule.