WWE Superstar Seth Rollins picks this wrestler as his all-time favourite

The 33-year-old wrestler who recently lost the WWE Universal Championship had a tough time selecting the top four wrestlers of all time

Former WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins has reportedly claimed Shawn Michaels as his all-time favourite wrestler to set foot inside the ring. The 33-year-old wrestler recently appeared on the 103.5 KISS FM where he discussed a lot of things about professional wrestling among which he mentioned this.

Seth Rollins picks top four wrestlers of all time

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins on Raw WWE

When asked about his top four stars of all time, the wrestler who is currently associated with the company's red brand, RAW, stated that it will be tough for him to pick. The 33-year-old wrestler had a tough time picking the top four but finally decided a category according to which he selected. Rollins chose Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Rick Flair and Stone Cold Steve Austin as the top four by looking at the money-drawing perspective.

While saying so, the former Universal champion stated that Michaels is his all-time favourite wrestler and he would love to include him in the list, he further claimed that Triple H also deserves to be in the list as he has contributed so much to the company.

'My Mt. Rushmore is probably Hogan, Rock, Flair and maybe Austin...Shawn Michaels is my favourite wrestler of all-time and I'd love to put him on that Mt. Rushmore and Triple H has contributed so much to the longevity of the business. But from a money-drawing perspective, those are still my top four," the 33-year-old wrestler said on 103.5 KISS FM.

Shawn Michaels is Seth's all-time favourite

Shawn Michaels has been a very prominent face of the WWE Universe and was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 2011. While Rollins selections for the top four were arguably the perfect lot. Hulk Hogan is hailed as one of the greatest superstars in the WWE Universe while Rick Flair is a16-time World Champion.

On the other hand, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin were two of the most popular faces of the company as WWE minted a lot of money during the late 90s and the early 2000s. All the four are regarded as the wrestlers to look up to if someone talks about WWE. The 33-year-old wrestler recently lost his WWE Universal Championship to Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend at the Crown Jewel event.

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