WWE rumours: Brock Lesnar-Goldberg rematch, Undertaker v John Cena at Wrestlemania 33

The 39-year-old wrestler has revealed that he will be part of Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 33 in 2017

With Goldberg making a return to the ring, the excitement around 2017's two main Pay-Per-View (PPV) events - Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 33 - have skyrocketed. Who will the comeback man take on in his upcoming fights and who will Undertaker fight at the Mania are among the possible questions that every WWE fans want answered.

While it was anticipated that the main event at the Survivor Series held on 20 November between Lesnar and Goldberg would be a marathon battle, the latter just needed two spears and his trademark finishing move, jackhammer, to win the match in little over a minute and announce his arrival in style.

Goldberg agrees to extend his deal

The Survivor Series battle was also expected to be the 39-year-old American wrestler's final appearance. However, Goldberg agreed to extend his deal, at least until Wrestlemania 33, to be held in April next year, as he spent very minimum time at the PPV event last Sunday.

Goldberg himself revealed at the Monday Night RAW that he will be taking part in Royal Rumble, scheduled to be held on 29 January 2017. Also, Lesnar is expected to be part of the 30-man over-the-top-rope battle.

Goldberg WWE official website

Next year's first PPV event is likely to witness Goldberg, who will enter the ring first, being taken out early by Lesnar. Then, their re-match at Wrestlemania 33 will pave way for huge hype over the event as it up to Lesner now to gun for revenge.

Cena not happy with Goldberg's comeback

Goldberg, according to a Forbes report, will not have to work much in the Royal Rumble but will save his all for the big-ticket clash against Lesnar. On the other hand, Undertaker will square up against AJ Styles for the World Heavyweight Title at the Royal Rumble. Should Undertaker win the battle, he will book a place for a clash in Wrestlemania 33 against John Cena, who is currently taking a break from WWE.

For the clash to happen, Cena will have to be part of the Royal Rumble main event and find a way to work his way against the other 29 men and set up a championship match at the Wrestlemania 33. However, reports have suggested that Cena is not happy with the way WWE is dealing with Goldberg's comeback as he feels that Lesnar and Goldberg are being paid more than what the full-timers earn.

This article was first published on November 28, 2016