WWE: John Cena's cryptic post about Dean Ambrose quitting has everyone guessing

John Cena dead
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In many ways, the decision of Deam Ambrose to quit WWE has disrupted the Pro Wrestling world and can be safely dubbed as the biggest news to come out of the wrestling circuit in the recent past. Now, John Cena, 16-time WWE champion is keeping a close watch on the state of affairs and has even sent out a cryptic message regarding the same.

Dean Ambrose has made up his mind to walk out of the WWE when his contract expired after WrestleMania 35. This has certainly aroused curiousity around the circuit and has even shocked former and current stars.

Ambrose not happy with the creative direction of WWE

File picture of Dean AmbroseWikimedia Commons / Megan Elice Meadows
File picture of Dean Ambrose Wikimedia Commons / Megan Elice Meadows

John Cena, who has perhaps the best Instagram account from the current crop, randomly posted the image of one Jon Moxley, which people are referring to as a cryptic message surrounding Ambrose's exit.

Cena might be away from the ring, but from the image, it is pretty clear he is keeping a tab on what is transpiring in the WWE. Also, the question now arises as to how WWE will utilise Ambrose in their storylines till WrestleMania.

If reports in The Wrestling Observer are anything to go by, the aforementioned decision of Ambrose to call it quits is more because of the creative direction of the company. In the process, Ambrose is not signing, what is believed, to be a lucrative contract and that is a sure indication his decision has nothing to do with the money on offer.

Also, if we glance through WWE's recent social media posts, it becomes very clear that he is out of the scheme of things as soon as his contract expires. However, it remains interesting to see if jumps ships to AEW or heads back to old Indie roots.