WrestleMania YouTube grab

WWE is at their penultimate pit stop ahead of their grandest event WrestleMania and it is the Elimination Chamber which will be held at the Toyota Center in Houston Texas on February 17.

Elimination Chamber is the last pit stop before the 'showcase of the immortals' and this is generally the time WWE pulls out their A-game to give the fans shocking outcomes that is widely talked about on the internet. The buzz around this pay-per-view is understandably a little less given the fact that it falls right between Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, but this will push WWE further to make sure the fans are talking about the potential dream matches heading into the big show in April.

Here are some of the twists which may happen at the event and it may contain spoilers.

Shane McMahon to turn on Miz

It has been widely reported that Shane and Miz are set to face each other at the 'showcase of the immortals' and Elimination Chamber might be the perfect opportunity to start that program. The Usos have their contract running out so putting the titles around their waists will help in the negotiations and Shane turning on Miz will not make them look weak in defeat.

While Miz is one of the best heels in the industry and him talking about the tyranny of the authoritative figure will make for excellent television, WWE has hinted they want to turn Shane heel. It will be an interesting dynamic to see Miz and Shane donning different jackets than they usually do. But the possibility of Miz turning on Shane should not be ruled out either.

Nia Jax and Tamina to win Women's Tag Team Championship

Sasha Banks and Bailey go into the match as firm favourites to walk out of the Chamber as the first ever Women's Tag Team champions but this very fact may work against them in the upcoming event. Nia and Tamina are huge heels and they get a lot of heat from the audience. Banks and Bailey, on the other hand, are loved and their victory will create a feel-good factor. But if the inevitable is delayed by wrestlers that the audience hates, it could make for a storyline that the fans are invested in.

Imagine a situation where Nia and Tamina win the titles by nefarious means. Then Bailey and Banks chase the title before finally winning in front of a capacity crowd at the MetLife Stadium – it is a perfect WWE WrestleMania moment.

Bray Wyatt returns

Granted that Bray Wyatt has been the perpetual flatter to deceive gimmick of WWE, yet the possibilities of the character are endless and if booked correctly, he could be a bona fide main event fixture.

Wyatt's former accomplice Eric Rowan has already joined hands with WWE champion Daniel Bryan and Luke Harper is also primed for a return. Thus, Bray can join hands with the third member of Wyatt's cult group, the Wyatt Family to return to the Chamber during or after the match.

Imagine Bryan standing tall with his championship after the match and the lights suddenly go out; when it comes back on, Wyatt along with Harper is standing behind Bryan. The champion and Rowan turn around and gets knocked out. A WrestleMania match with possibilities is set!