Wummly To Help Cottage Food Operators Reach Their Full Financial Potential

Sadi Turaev

The use of food delivery applications has steadily risen in the past few years. With new apps emerging frequently, people now have many different platforms to choose from, offering their unique perks. Wummly, a new e-commerce platform, founded by Sadi Turaev, brings a fresh approach to the market. It is designed to help Cottage Food Operation businesses (CFO's) gain a new audience selling their food online.

The Man Behind the Mission

Turaev's venture will encourage entrepreneurship by alleviating some of the strain of business operations on CFO's, whilst at the same time providing benefit to the US economy. Sadi Turaev has more than a decade experience in entrepreneurship, which will help him run the company effectively as the CEO and sole owner. He has a solid academic background, having received an MBA from the National University of California in 2018 and a bachelor's degree from San Diego State in 2014, where he majored in Economics, focusing specifically on International Economics.

Wummly Will Help Small Businesses Grow

The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly, and Turaev believes CFO's deserve a slice of the pie.

Wummly has several great strengths. A major one being market specialization as the company will be serving smaller but viable markets, helping niche businesses grow. Continuous research and development will drive the company to adapt to the latest technology to attract clients in a diverse e-commerce environment. Having a strong digital media presence will also keep Wummly relevant, promoting its services on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Several market analyses show that companies that are more present on social media get more sales each month.

How Wummly Will Benefit the US Economy

Because of the growing movement to support CFO's, the California Homemade Food Act has now added a new category of retail food facilities, allowing persons using home kitchens to sell food products that are non-potentially hazardous and are unlikely to grow bacteria at room temperature. More cottage food businesses have emerged since the pandemic, and people have now grown comfortable shopping from the comfort of their homes, even as quarantines are being lifted. The Wummly app will enable more small businesses to take part in the growing e-commerce industry, providing more income for low-income households.

Turaev's education and skill set show that he can create opportunities for Cottage food operators and the US economy. He will reach out to people in and outside of California who are in need of extra sales channels. Turaev and his application will generate jobs by hiring a professional team at Wummly and indirectly creating jobs by encouraging people to start CFO's.

Wummly will also help clients get certified as Cottage food operators. Turaev will help low-income families, retired food producers, and people who want to take their creative outlet to the next level to earn more by selling non-perishable food online.