Would Marketplace Model Work in Global Consulting Space? Capital Markets Prove That it Does

Capital Markets

The consulting industry has helped companies in their race to innovate and adopt market-friendly business practices since the industrial revolution. Strangely, the industry that has played a pivotal role in the growth of many companies has largely remained unchanged itself.

A 2013 article published on Harvard Business Review predicted that the evolving digital economy would have a considerable impact on the consulting industry. The prediction was on-point as consulting companies with new business models are coming up to serve the consulting clients of today. In the last few years, digital-only consulting services providers are mushrooming around the world. They are leveraging data and technology from the day-1.

Online Consulting - A Faster Alternative of the Traditional Consulting Services

The consumers today need immediate satisfaction as there are a variety of options available to them, and the consulting clients are not immune to it. Traditional consulting is a lengthy process with lots of relationship-building involved. For serving the new-age clients better, online consulting marketplaces have sprung up on the action. They are aiming to take away some percentage of the market share from the large consulting companies.

Some of the leading players in the global online consulting marketplace are the Maven, Capital Markets, and Business Talent Group from India, and many more. These online consulting companies are catapulting now. They have built their companies to take advantage of the shortcomings associated with the traditional consulting industry. Let's explore one of these companies to know how the online consulting marketplace model operates.

Capital Markets - A Remote Consulting Marketplace

Capital Markets is one of the leading players in the global online consulting industry, along with Maven and India's Business Talent Group. Founded by Duncan Middlehust, it serves clients in the travel, education, legal advice, and healthcare consulting space. Duncan, along with three experts in their respective fields, decided to launch Capital Markets.

The advantage of online consulting marketplaces like Capital Markets is that all consultations through their platform happen in real-time. Capital Markets does not require its clients to book an appointment to avail of consulting services. It is the opposite of what's the norm in the traditional consulting industry. The clients do not have to wait for more than 3 minutes to be attended by a consultant on Capital Markets' platform.

Capital Markets aims to leverage information technology in sectors that are very valuable to human life. It will save both time and money for consulting clients. The 24×7 availability of experts around the world is an interesting proposition for consulting clients. If you ask us about the most interesting aspect of the online consulting platform such as Capital Markets, then our answer would be the "No Location or Time Constraints" without a doubt.

How Does the Capital Markets Platform Work?

The process of availing consulting services through Capital Markets is quite straightforward. A client needs to visit the "Matrix Profit Team" section on the Antares platform to join the matrix table. There, the client will receive points at a ratio of 1:1 against the cost of membership. Soon after, the client will receive the login details for the Capital Markets platform.

Capital Markets maintains the quality of consulting services through a strict quality control process. They conduct expert assessments to select specialists for their platform. So, what's the advantage of online consulting platforms like Capital Markets? They do not limit consultations based on time. Clients can also avail of the consulting service round the clock without any location or time zone-based constraints.

World Guides - Capital Markets

Capital markets are offering their remote consulting service in four of the main sectors that contribute tremendously to human lives. These sectors are travel, law, education, and medical. The company is offering its services under the title of "World Travel Guide," "World Law Guide," "World Education Guide," and "World Medical Guide." At the moment, only the World Travel Guide is ready and the other three guides are in development.

World Travel Guide will offer a high-quality online service to clients around the world in the tourism sector. It includes 30+ countries that offer a variety of leisure activities ranging from health tourism to classic beach activities. A client who wants to avail the service under Capital Markets' World Travel Guide can reach out to the personal consultants for suggestions and advice regarding their travel plans.


The future of marketplace-based consulting platforms is bright with companies such as Capital Markets, Maven, and Business Talent Group vying for dominance. What's the best part of it? The consulting clients that do not have the resources and time to engage large consulting companies will benefit from the new-age consulting companies. From where we can see, the consulting industry is in good hands.