Can you imagine a rainbow lasting for nine hours in the sky? Interestingly, such a rainbow which lasted in the sky for nearly nine hours appeared in Taipei on November 30, 2017. A meteorology expert in Taiwan said that this was the longest-lasting rainbow which the world has ever witnessed, and added that it was present in the skies from 07.00 AM to 04.00 PM. Even though the meteorology expert has claimed it to be a world record, the World Meteorological Organization has not yet recorded it.

A gift from the sky

Kun-Hsuan Chou, a meteorology expert at the Department of Atmospheric Science of Chinese Culture University, Taipei said that the previous world record of the longest-lasting rainbow happened way back in 1994 in Sheffield. According to Kun-Hsuan Chou, the rainbow lasted in the sky for such a long time due to the monsoon effect in Taiwan.

While talking with Daily Mail, Kun-Hsuan described the rainbow, 'gift from the sky'. "I was shaking when I observed a six-hour rainbow, but this was a miracle [to me], being able to capture a rainbow with such long duration," said Kun-Hsuan, reports Daily Mail.

Kun-Hsuan also revealed that he observed a similar rainbow which lasted for nearly six hours in the Taiwanese sky on November 27, 2017. Within three days, he captured this new rainbow which is now believed to be the longest lasting one humankind has ever witnessed. Pictures clicked by Kun-Hsuan clearly reveals that the rainbow was present in the Taipei skies from 06.57 AM to 03.55 PM which makes the total duration eight hours and fifty-eight minutes.

The appearance of an increased number of rainbows in the skies is happening in Taipei as seasonal monsoon wind has started blowing in from the northeast side. As per experts, the monsoon wind usually travels at a very slow speed, and it is the result of the extended length of rainbow appearance.

As per latest updates, Kun-Hsuan Chou will soon meet with the City Council to take necessary measures so that registration can be made with Guinness World Records.