The world will end on June 24, 2018, says new Christian conspiracy theorist

What is the Planet X doomsday theory?

After David Meade, another man named Mathieu Jean-Marc Joseph Rodrigue has joined the apocalypse party and has claimed that the world we live in will end on June 24, 2018.

Rodrigue, a Christian conspiracy theorist apparently made this conclusion after examining various passages in the Book of Revelations.

"And a mouth was given to the Beast, speaking great things and blasphemy, and it was given authority to act forty and two months," read the Biblical passage, Express reports.

After performing a series of complex calculations, Rodrigue finally combined the number 666 with 42 and made it clear that the rapture will begin on June 24, 2018. However, Rodrigue failed to detail about how he derived this date or on how the world will end.

"I heard a voice in the middle of the four living beings. This is wisdom. He who has intelligence can interpret the figure of the beast. It represents the name of a man. His figure is 666," said Rodrigue.

This is not the first time that a Christian conspiracy theorist is making wild claims on world end and rapture. Previously, David Meade, a self-proclaimed Christian numerologist had claimed that the rapture will begin on April 23, 2018. A couple of days ago, David Meade deviated from his words and predicted that the actual rapture will happen in between May and December 2018.

According to David Meade, the apocalypse will happen when the lone killer planet Nibiru alias Planet X hits the earth with full fury causing massive devastation everywhere.

However, many skeptics have now debunked the words of David Meade, as they claim that this self-proclaimed Christian numerologist has been making such predictions for the past couple of years. According to these skeptics, David Meade's predictions are all publicity gimmicks, and they attribute it to increase the sale of his book 'Planet X-The Arrival.'