World War 3 update: Nibiru conspiracy theorist claims North Korea aiming to bomb Yellowstone volcano

David Meade, renowned Nibiru theorist has sensationally claimed that North Korea will bomb Yellowstone volcano to trigger a nuclear winter

world war 3

As the fear of World War 3 is escalating due to tensions in the Korean peninsula, renowned conspiracy theorist David Meade, known for his predictions on Nibiru, has sensationally claimed that North Korea is aiming to bomb Yellowstone National Park's Supervolcano in a bid to trigger a nuclear winter. According to Meade, the communist nation has already developed a hydrogen bomb which will be used to blast the supervolcano. The theorist made these remarks in his book 'The End of Days: Planet X and Beyond'.

Realities unbelievable than fiction

"Let us look at the facts about the North Korean testing program. First, it's apparent they have developed a hydrogen bomb. They are currently testing to determine exactly what yield of a nuclear weapon will be necessary to disrupt the rock cap over the Yellowstone Caldera," wrote Meade.

David Meade also revealed that North Korea has been studying Mount Paektu for the past couple of years to understand the ways by which an explosion can trigger the eruption. The self-proclaimed Christian numerologist also claimed that many forces tried to silence him, as he opened up about North Korea's plans. Meade also revealed that his webmaster account was hacked recently, and added that he received threatening messages.

Meade made it clear that he will pass on North Korea's war plans to Federal officials soon. However, Meade failed to give any concrete proofs revealing North Korea's war plans.

A mere publicity stunt?

David Meade was first shot to limelight when he predicted the apocalypse on September 23. Meade predicted that September 23 will mark the end of humankind, as Nibiru alias Planet X will hit the earth with its devastating fury. As the date went uneventfully, Meade predicted that the actual apocalypse will begin on October 15, and the world will witness a seven-year tribulation period. He also added that the increased seismic activities all around the globe are clear indications of Nibiru's close approach.

When asked about more North Korea's plans, David Meade replied that he will reveal everything in his next book. Though there are many disbelievers, there have been instances where wild conspiracy theories turned true, and if Meade's theory becomes true, then it will surely bring about drastic effects on the US mainland.