World War 3? Russian spies capable of saving world from nuclear war: UK double agent Blake

George Blake, the British double agent during the cold war has told that a strong Russian spy operation is needed to save the world from a possible nuclear war.

world war 3

George Blake, a former British double agent who worked as a spy for the Soviet Union during the cold war has hailed modern Russian spies and stated that they are capable of saving the world from a devastating nuclear war, which may happen in the near future. Blake made this statement on Friday evening, marking his 95th birthday.

Russian spies: The modern day Superheroes

In a statement, George Blake lauded Russian spies calling them the true heroes during the battle between the good and the evil. He also added that they are responsible for conducting the difficult and critical mission to save the world from a nuclear war which may break out at any time. The statements from George Blake came in the midst of escalating tensions which is growing in the Korean peninsula, as Pyongyang is allegedly gearing up for a nuclear war aiming at the destruction of US and its allies.

"Your mission will be a difficult one – to save the planet when its destruction in a nuclear war has again become a possibility due to the irresponsible actions of politicians, and where terrorism leaves its bloody traces in every part of the world," read the message Blake wrote directly addressing the young recruits in the Russian External Intelligence Agency, reports RT.

Blake also added that deadly terror attacks have left bloody traces in many corners of the world. He also blamed irresponsible politicians for triggering the tensions of nuclear war in the world.

Who is George Blake?

George Blake was born in Amsterdam and was raised in Egypt. After joining the Royal Navy, he was recruited into MI6 in 1944. In 1951, North Korea captured Blake, and soon, his mind was instigated with communist thoughts. According to Blake, it was the atrocities performed by the United States which compelled his mind to develop an obsession towards Marxism.

"I realized back then that such conflicts are deadly dangerous for the entire humankind and made the most important decision in my life — to cooperate with the Soviet intelligence voluntarily and for free to help protect peace in the world," said Blake in the recently issued statement.

After returning to the UK, David Blake started working as a spy for the USSR, and soon he was nabbed in 1961. He escaped miraculously from the prison in 1966, and soon he fled to Russia. At many times, Blake has called Russia his 'second motherland.'

Will World War 3 happen?

Political experts all around the world believe that a dreaded World War 3 may break out at any moment, and they are blaming North Korea's blind nuclear ambitions for it. US President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme leader are now continuously engaging in a word war, which is literally escalating the tensions of a possible world war 3 in the near future.

According to reports, North Korea is now busy developing a powerful intercontinental ballistic missile capable of targeting the US mainland. If Kim Jong-un fires a missile on the US or its allies, then it will trigger a dreaded nuclear war which humankind may not even survive to witness.