David Rudisha
David Rudisha is two times Olympic Gold Medalist and world record holder Reuters

Two times Olympic Gold Medalist and world record holder David Rudisha has revealed that coming from a family of Olympians had put more pressure when he entered his first Olympic in 2012.

He is currently in Mumbai, India as the International Event Ambassador for the 14th edition of Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. A truly remarkable sprinter who dominated the 800m in both London and Rio Olympics was delighted to be in Mumbai.

With regards to his performance, Rudisha said, "London Olympics was a very special race for me. It was my first Olympics. My father was an Olympian; coming from a family of Olympians there was added pressure to deal with too. I just went out there and ran courageously.

"I was happy to win and to make a new world record in 2012. But to be able to defend my title in Rio was more special to me than winning." He added, "Right now my target is Tokyo 2020. It's good to be able to work towards a goal. It keeps me motivated. I will be about 30-31years by then; I just want to stay strong, stay fit and to be able to win the title again."

On his experience in India, Rudisha said, "It feels good to be here back in India; I have witnessed such a fantastic response from the crowd for the marathon few years back and hope to see the same this year."

On being asked if he would like to participate in a marathon, Rudisha said, "I am more of a 400-800 m runner. I see myself running a marathon maybe after my career. I would like to run some of the big marathons like Mumbai, or London or New York. It takes a lot of physical and mental strength to run 42kms. "