'World of the Married' Star's Mother 'Scams' People Using Her Name, Han So Hee Explains Plight

Actress Han So Hee has clarified about her relationship with her mother, who had allegedly scammed people misusing her name.

The World of the Married actress Han So Hee issued an apology for the misdeeds of her mother who had borrowed money from people using her name. In her post, Han So Hee gave an explanation of the entire incident and updated the status of her relationship with her mother.

Her post, published in her blog, starts with an apology to the victims. "I'm sure they are in a situation where nothing would be able to comfort them. Also, I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who may have felt uncomfortable or hurt by the incident. I am sincerely sorry," she said. "I am hoping there will be no more victims, as I write this with a feeling of shame," she wrote expressing her feelings.

Han So Hee
Actress Han So Hee in the drama World of the Married Twitter

Relationship Between Han So Hee And Her Mother

Lee So Hee, popularly known as Han So Hee, revealed the fact that her parents got a divorce when she was five years old. She said that since then, which was 20 years, she has rarely been in touch with her mother.

The actress said that she was raised by her grandparents after her parents got divorced. She moved to Ulsan when she was studying in high school. Even though her mother too resided in the same area, she continued to stay with her grandmother. Han So Hee moved to Seoul after she finished her graduation and took up acting.

"I haven't had much contact with my mother, so I learned about her debt when I was 20-years-old. As the daughter of my grandmother, I have the sense of filial piety, so even before my debut, I worked to pay off my mother's debt," Han So Hee explained.

She said that soon after her debut as an actress, her mother started using her name to scam people. But she did not take any action against her mother, instead paid the debtors with her money. She thought that the matter had ended well and she wouldn't face any problems because of her mother in the future. But she was wrong as her mother did create problems for her by misusing her name again.

"I am sorry that my carelessness ended up creating more victims, as my immature and inexperienced judgment was that the only thing to do was to reimburse the debts. Lastly, I would like to apologize again to the victims and everyone who may have been hurt by this incident," Han So Hee wrote in her blog post.

Mother 'Ghosts' Victims

The issue came to light when an anonymous netizen shared the news of her being scammed by actress Han So Hee's mother on June 18. The news was published in one of the popular Korean websites Nate Pann. "The mother of a popular actress from The World of The Married scammed me," stated the news.

"From October of 2015 to August of 2016, I participated in her (Han So Hee's mother's) kye group and paid my hard-earned ₩2,450,000 KRW ($2,035) every month toward the central fund," the victim wrote in Nate Pann.

The victim said that in September 2016 Han So Hee's mother had to return her central fund but she disappeared and ghosted her. She reached out only after the victim threatened to go to the police. Since then, she has been ghosting all the victims by changing her phone numbers and whereabouts frequently. Even when they tracked her down, she promised to pay the money back once her daughter makes it big.

Thus victims, not knowing the fact that the mother and daughter are not in touch, posted negative comments about Han So Hee on social media. So far it is not clear if the victims and Han So Hee will take legal action against the actress's mother.