World Cup 2018 could be your last event if you overlook serious health issues on match day

Experts know how to avoid illness that may occur while watching exciting football match in World Cup.

Serious health condition during FIFA world cup
Serious health condition during FIFA world cup Reuters & Pixabay

While football fans from all around the world are eagerly waiting for 2018 FIFA World Cup to start, a group of experts have revealed some unexpected facts about a serious health issue that could make you sick or even kill you during the sports gala.

As per the 2010 study in The American Journal of Medicine, researchers stated that major sports events can cause cardiovascular disease, which is a heart condition that includes diseased vessels, structural problems and blood clots, even can increase death rates.

The study also suggested that people with coronary artery disease and others, who usually suffer in specific stressful situations, are at more risk than anybody else. This medical situation could occur when people, who find themselves in extreme stress during an overexciting and highly intense game.

A senior cardiac nurse at British Heart Foundation, Julie Ward advised people that World Cup is obviously an exciting event for friends and family but they should not forget to take care about their own health, especially the heart.

As per The Business Times, she said, "Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep hydrated during the match. Try and have some healthy choices in the house. And get up and move around at least every 30 minutes for the sake of our heart."

Experts suggested that to reduce the health risk and to enjoy the one month long World Cup event, which is about to start from June 14 till July 15, people should avoid some regular activities such as smoking, eating fatty foods, excessive consumption of alcohol or having drugs. The blood-thinning aspirin and meditation will help the fans to enjoy each and every game without bothering their health condition.

However, in addition, a study in New Zealand has shown that even though loosing of winning is not under control of a sports lover, the results could make a huge difference in terms of the health. The researchers compare two opposite situation to achieve the conclusion.

The researchers stated that they saw a 50 percent hike in hospital's admission database after the national rugby team of New Zealand was defeated by the Australian team 22-10 in the 2003 Rugby World Cup semi-final match. But, when the same team won 2011 World Cup semi-final match against the Australia 20-6 before clinching the champions' trophy, the admission rate in hospitals was lower.

There was another study, which showcased the case of retinal vein occlusion during 2014 FIFA world cup. In this particular medical condition, a blockage occurs in the eye that also known as "eye stroke", which usually damages the ability to see. These medical incidents are common in those patients, who suffer from cardiovascular disease.

To find the ultimate result, researchers compared the number of people came to a German university eye clinic, due to that vision issue during and after the 2014 football event. Later, the experts said, they can assume that "the emotional strain caused by a World Cup is a risk factor".

Such medical issue can occur in any place and in any country. So, people should prepare their body to take any kind of results by following mentioned procedure.

Psychologists believe that through such football events, respective teams provide hopes to their fans, even though they have no chance to win the tournament and on the same time fans started to feel as a part of a group. So, when a team fails to achieve what the fans expected in a highly emotional match, it caused huge disappointment, which can later cause a serious health issue.

A different study stated that in 2013, a study also showed that during 2002, 2006 and 2010 FIFA World Cup events, the percentage of domestic violence in England was 26 when the national team won a match or finished with a draw. But the domestic violence percentage arouse to 38 when the team lost the match.