The world began not with a Bang, but with a Black Hole

Scientists challenge the Big Bang Theory of origin of the universe

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Scientists have come up with a new theory about the origin of the universe, and it does not involve a Big Bang! Instead, they are saying that the universe was formed from the black hole of a previous cosmos.

Researchers from the Perimeter Institute have claimed that the Big Bang Theory, which states that the world burst into existence from a singularity, seems unlikely.

"The big bang hypothesis has our relatively comprehensible, uniform, and predictable universe arising from the physics-destroying insanity of a singularity. It seems unlikely," they say, as reported by Outer Places.

Instead, according to them, it is more likely that black hole is at the bottom of the matter as they have the capability of creating as well as destroying celestial bodies, majorly stars.

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According to the new theory, our universe has been formed by a fourth-dimensional black hole that is a part of another universe. In that case, we are living beyond the horizon of the event and it is also possible that other universes have been created by black holes in the 'parent universe.'

This theory solves the 'information paradox' related to black holes that have been confusing scientists for many years. It states that all information and physical matter disappears permanently into the black hole, where all physical states devolve into the same state.

If we apply this explanation to this theory, it would seem that the matter going inside a black hole is not destroyed after all. Instead, it forms a part of a new universe.

Big Bang Theory
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Perimeter Institute is not the only one to challenge the most conventional theory about the formation of the universe. Although scientists have been able to explain what happened after the Big Bang, there are still many unanswered questions about what existed before.

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How was the cosmic explosion caused? And what led to the conditions being so extreme to break apart from the point of singularity, before spacetime existed, and form a universe with so many celestial bodies? Looks like this theory is trying to take one step closer to the real mystery of how our universe came into being.

Check out this video about the theory's basic ideas:

This article was first published on January 4, 2018