Working with Passion: The Road to Success for Net Kohen

Net Kohen

Examples show that you can be successful in your life at any age, there is no doubt about it. But all those who manage to taste victory have something in common: they work with passion.

Net Kohen discovered it young. Since he was 13 years old, he started making money from the things he loved. At that time, he created a Minecraft server that generated thousands of dollars for him.

Local companies contacted him to create their official sites. Later to learn new things and keep growing, he dedicated himself to the development of mobile applications.

At the age of 16, Net created his own company, gathered a team of app developers, and founded NXTGEN. Today, he is 20 years old and his company has seven figures with only four years in the market.

Do What You Love

Net is clear that his success stems from always working on what he is passionate about. He always saw far beyond the fun that games and apps generate, he saw it as a way to make money.

When you spend time doing what you love, you don't notice it as a job. That's when the big ideas come out. Ideas that can be millions, but that only come when your mind is in tune with what you love.

His great idea was born while he was at school. He thought he could create an app that would alert people about parties and clubs nearby. An app for nightlife, something that would become a real boom in his city.

This has made him recognizable in his city, as well as appealing to the big local companies and national celebrities that have contacted him to develop their apps.

Entrepreneurial Vision

Everything we have said before would be nothing if Net Kohen did not have the entrepreneurial vision that has accompanied him since childhood. His nightlife app is something that didn't already exist, and he saw it as an excellent opportunity to attack a big market that wasn't being served. That's what the unique entrepreneurial vision is about.

However, he has undertaken marketing and public relations, motivating his contact with recognized figures to offer complete services. Doing things with passion, working for your goals, and having a business vision are three things you must combine if you want to be successful.