From Working as a Customer Support Executive To Running An App Developing Business, Niraj Kanjani Has Come A Long Way

Niraj Kanjani

In everything we do, it is crucial to be dedicated, patient, and focused. Any individual who possesses these qualities will succeed one day, no matter how tricky their profession is. Niraj Kanjani from Ahmedabad is an apt example of how sometimes failures help you understand your path better and bring progress in your work.

Niraj Kanjani ( born 17 May 1992 ) is an app developer who hails from Ahmedabad. A few years ago, Kanjani bought an app source code from a Morocco-based developer and published it after making some modifications. He named it Wack: Photo Editor, Wack means not up to the mark as he thinks it is good, but not up to the mark and can be made better. The app worked well, and he kept getting more exciting work. Recently, he launched an app called Calcuvault.

It has been 11 years since Niraj Kanjani got himself in the app developing business, and the journey hasn't been a cakewalk. He used to work at a call center as a part-time worker. After leaving that job, he ventured into app development projects. Initially, he faced failures several times but never gave up and kept learning and growing.

"I like taking risks. If I find a good app source code, I buy them and do some modifications from my developers and publish it, market it and see if it works," shares Niraj Kanjani.

The app developer has done many projects from scratch; some failed and some gave him the desired results. Niraj Kanjani tells us the difference between doing a job and running your business. He says, "The major difference between a job and business is that you need to have a continuous obsession. You need to stick around, no matter what. It's just like being in a relationship. Your business requires constant attention and not giving up will give you frequent heartbreaks and butterflies but in the end, it would be totally worth it."