Work and Passion: the world of the Influencer according to Justin Borbe

Justin Borbe

In recent years, influencers have become real references for entire communities. Some of them have become true style icons, sharing experiences, and allowing users to see photos of unique places.

Not everyone can become an influencer, but to succeed in this field you need to stand out from the crowd, have a direct relationship with your followers and communicate effectively.

Justin Borbe, known on Instagram as "Igjustin", a fashion and lifestyle blogger from New York, shares his outfits and particularly interesting tips every day. So, we decided to ask him a few questions to get to know him better.

"Justin, when did it all start and how did you realize that this could become your job?"

"It all started as something fun, I've always loved taking pictures and dressing fashionably. I only realized the opportunities this world could offer when I was first approached by a brand for a collaboration."

"What content do you bring to social?"

"I usually share photos of places I visit, special places, or show things I like and use. I also love fashion, so I like to share good tips with others on how to be trendy at any time and for any occasion."

"What is the type of communication you use with your followers?"

"I strongly believe that social media can be a very good tool to break down any barriers between celebrity and 'fan'. For these reasons, I communicate directly with my followers,I try to answer any questions, and have a friendly relationship. I always try to do what I like and if someone wants to follow me on my life journey, I feel very happy."

"Do you think you are or can become a reference for your followers?"

"I would like to inspire other people and always bring valuable content that is interesting and most importantly emphasizes my vision. When I see that someone appreciates my content, I am very happy because it reflects a real philosophy of life. I keep learning from others and if I can improve other people's lives it makes me very proud."

"What do you like about your job?"

"Over the years, thanks to my work, I have met so many people who are now my friends. I have visited so many places and participated in exciting events. My unique art architecture content, artistic photos, and willingness to mix my lifestyle and fashion have also allowed me to collaborate with many famous brands such as Expressmen, Rockport, Florsheim, Psycho Bunny, Jack Daniels, Courvoisier, and many more. All of this would not have been possible if I had not taken this path, that's why I love my job."

"Would you give one piece of advice to someone who wants to pursue this career?"

"I always recommend having a positive mindset, creating content that is in line with your passions, and always consider this as a hobby. The secret is to always live this job with the same initial passion."

"We thank you for this interview, Justin. If you want to follow his profile look out for him on Instagram: Igjustin."

"Thank you for this interview, it was a pleasure for me."

Justin Borbe creates unique content on a daily basis, and it was very pleasing for our editorial team to see how the work of an influencer is so rich in aspects that are often overlooked.