Woollim Entertainment CEO Who Hit INFINITE's Woohyun During Live Broadcast Issues Apology [VIDEO]

The video of Lee Jung Yeop hitting and verbally abusing INFINITE's Woohyun is going viral making fans lash out at Woollim Entertainment CEO

INFINITE's Nam Woohyun's live broadcast ends up creating controversy. Instagram

Lee Jung Yeop, CEO of Woollim Entertainment, was caught in a controversy after the video of him hitting INFINITE's Nam Woohyun during a live broadcast went viral. Lee Jung Yeop is also seen verbally abusing Woohyun, making fans angry.

The incident occurred during Woohyun's live broadcast held recently in the presence of INFINITE's Sunggyu. The live broadcast was held on Sunggyu's phone as Woohyun's phone had problems related to its speaker. The broadcast was started after the trio had a few drinks. What started as a casual broadcast turned into something horrible when Lee Jung Yeop was seen hitting Woohyun in the head. Fans were shocked.

Agency Issues Apology

After the video went viral, now Woollim Entertainment CEO Lee Jung Yeop has issued an official apology. "I wish to apologize for the thoughtless and inappropriate words and actions that I showed in the Instagram Live. They were words and actions I should not have shared on a live broadcast, no matter how close we are, and after checking the content of the video, I expressed my apologies to the two artists who were there," he said.

He also said sorry for making fans and those who watched the Instagram live uncomfortable along with the two artistes Woohyun and Synggyu. "I will be more mindful of my words and actions so that such a thing never happens again in the future. I am sorry," said Lee Jung Yeop.

INFINITE Members Being Harassed Often?

Woohyun removed his hat and pointed out at his head. "Did you see that? He hits me like this. He hits me too much," said Woohyun.

Both Woohyun and Sunggyu in unison stated that the CEO's behavior was the worst. To this, CEO Lee Jung Yeop remarked saying "Your face is the worst." He is also seen asking Woohyun why he had started this live broadcast and ends up saying, "Your face weighs 80 kilograms. Stop it."

"This son of a *****, why are you so calm now?" CEO Lee Jung Yeop also goes on to say. Woohyun is seen asking him to stop cursing and Lee Jung Yeop takes this as a joke. He justifies that it is not a curse word and asks if Woohyun is not his son.

Appa Woollim and Violence

By now, an angry and irritated Woohyun is seen giving a befitting reply that he is not Lee Jung Yeop's son. "I have my parents," says Woohyun. It is said that Lee Jung Yeop was also named Appa Woollim, by the fans as they thought of him to be treating his groups well. Lee Jung Yeop is known to have launched successful Kpop idol groups including INFINITE, Lovelyz, Golden Child, and Rocket Punch.

Woohyun and INFINITE fans are angry and posting negative comments against Woollim Entertainment and CEO Lee Jeong Yeop on social media. Generally, the notion was that Lee Jung Yeop is really close to INFINITE members. But his behavior towards Woohyun cannot be justified as it amounts to harassment both physical and mental, fans stated.