Woo Taewoon stepped back from Block B to clear the way for Zico

Woo Taewoon was previously one of the original member of Band B.

Woo Taewoon
Woo Taewoon is the elder brother of the rapper Zico. Pinterest

Woo Taewoon, the elder brother of famous rapper and singer Zico revealed the reason why he denied to make a debut with the musical group Block B. Woo Taewoon who gained recognition from his appearance in the hip-hop survival show, Show Me The Money was previously one of the original member of the band, Block B.

The musical group was composed in the year 2011 and was created by Cho PD. A little known fact is that Woo Taewoon was one of the original member of the group but decided to leave the band because he does not want to come in the way of his younger brother's success.

In a shocking and touching interview with International BNT as reported by Koreaboo, the singer revealed that the actual reason he had left the group was his own younger brother Zico. He explained: "[Zico] was the leader even though he was my younger brother, and that may have later on caused problems when he tried to control the group. The other members may have felt uncomfortable about that topic as well. Since the team was built around my brother I didn't want to get in the way of his success."

The two brothers, Woo Taewoon and Zico are extremely close to one another and in their recent appearance on a special family episode of the popular talk show Happy Together they answered various questions based on their past lives. Zico and Woo also discussed their family situation on the show and answered several personal questions touching various spheres of their lives.

This article was first published on January 8, 2017