Wonder girls talks about living alone, past members and more

Girls also talked about Sunye and Sohee, who left Wonder girls in 2011 due to marriage and acting career respectively.

Girl group Wonder girls are happy to be independent and self reliant. The girls have been living alone for the past two years and enjoying their own company.

Recently, while their promotional appearance on radio program Park Ji Yoon's FM Date, the members shared their thoughts on leaving the agencies' dorm and making it all by themselves.

"It's been about two years since all four of the members lived together. Now, we all gained independence and are living on our own. Sunmi's the type to not leave her house. Now that she lives alone, she gets lonely, so she does leave the house [a bit more] these days, " the main vocalist of the group, Yeeun shared.

Sunmi further added: "Recently, I watched a movie by myself. I saw 'The Handmaiden.' The picture was so pretty. I'm the type who doesn't even stick my nose out of my house. It's a bit lonely when I'm eating."

However, Hyelim, who is currently staying with her mother relayed that she had never lived alone, but will surely give it a try. Adding on, the girls also talked about Sunye and Sohee, who bid adieu to Wonder girls in 2011 due to marriage and acting career respectively. The members stated that they are still in touch with the duo.

Yeeun said: "As always, we keep in touch with Sunye and Sohee often. Since Sunye's in Canada, we can't see her face often, but whenever she's in Korea, we meet. She also frequently sends us photos of her children."

Sunmi further added:"I see Sohee so often that it's a shame. Sohee invited all of us to her movie preview in Busan. We are planning on going."