Wonder Girls to disband? Girl group's contracts with JYP Entertainment ending in January

Wonder Girls' contracts with JYP Entertainment will be expiring in January 2017.

Wonder Girls
Wonder Girls' contracts with JYP Entertainment expiring in January Facebook/wondergirlsworld

South Korean girl group Wonder Girls are hit by rumours that they are headed for split. The girl band's contracts with JYP Entertainment will be expiring in January 2017.

The agency stated: "Wonder Girls' contract is ending in January. We are talking about renewing their contract."

The girl group was formed in 2007, and made with their debut with the single, Irony. They quickly became famous with the singles Nobody and So Hot. Wonder Girls which consists of Yubin, Yenny, Sunmi and Hyerim, made their much-anticipated comeback in July with Why So Lonely.

Previously, Yubin praised JYP Entertainment, and had talked about the success of Wonder Girls's latest track. She said: "First of all, JYP's music releases have all been doing well these days, and I think we [benefited] from that [success]. I hope [all of JYP] Nation is able to benefit [from each other's success] and hit it big."

Adding on, during an appearance on Park Ji Yoon's FM Date radio program, the members had talked about living alone for the past two years. Yenny said: "It's been about two years since all four of the members lived together. Now, we all gained independence and are living on our own. Sunmi's the type to not leave her house. Now that she lives alone, she gets lonely, so she does leave the house [a bit more] these days."

Sunmi added: "Recently, I watched a movie by myself. I saw 'The Handmaiden.' The picture was so pretty. I'm the type who doesn't even stick my nose out of my house. It's a bit lonely when I'm eating."