Women's Dismembered Torso Found in Shopping Cart on Brooklyn Street in New York

A women's dismembered torso filled inside a bag has been found in a shopping cart on a street in New York's Brooklyn. New York Police Department found that the torso was first seen by a horrified passerby when the man was walking by Pennsylvania and Atlantic Aves.

Woman's Torso Found Near Brooklyn Street
Woman's Torso Found Near Brooklyn Street Twitter/@AndreaGrymesTV

No Head

The man opened the plastic bag and saw the body which had no head or limbs.

The body had neither gunshot wounds and no visible stab, reported NY Daily News citing a police source.

crime scene
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Police officials are still investigating the case but they have not found any prominent lead despite doing exhaustive canvass of the area.

Incident Scared People

The victim is an adult, according to the police as they source for surveillance footage in an attempt to identify the person who rolled the shopping cart to the intersection.


The women's death will now be determined by the medical examiner. For her identification, a DNA match will be a possible way as fingerprint and dental records are not possible, according to the source.

The nearby people were shaken up by the case as a person said he was very upset with such an incident in the area, reported CBS News. "Very upset. Especially around here, so many things happen. It's scary," said a person.

The incident also scared some people. Sungwo Hong, owner of the United Safety Depot, "Getting worse and worse in New York. I'm scared about it."