Women Empowerment Token (WEMP) Shoots up 4,500% in Just Three Days Post Launch

Women Empowerment Token (WEMP), which was launched on October 9, 2021, experienced tremendous growth as it spiraled upwards close to +4500% in just three days post its launch. A mere $1,000 investment on the first day of its launch would have fetched you $46,000 as profits today.

WEMP began trading (October 9) in the indices on Day 1 with nine 'zeroes' and on October 13, the coin managed to delete two 'zeroes' from its trade as it rose +4500% and is currently trading with only seven 'zeroes'.

WEMP Women Empowerment Token Rises 4500%
Youtube grab / Women Empowerment Token WEMP

On October 10, WEMP was trading at $0.0000000004569 and was up +87.89% in the day's trade and today, the token shot up reaching its all time high (ATH) by rising +4500% in the day's trade and deleted two 'zeroes' and is trading at $0.00000001076.

In just a span of three trading days, WEMP pulled off the unbelievable by knocking two 'zeroes' and sent out a signal to the investors' community that the token is here to stay in the long run and would deliver the desired financial outcomes to early investors.

WEMP Token rises 4500% in 24 hours

The token at present can be purchased through exchange platform Uniswap and investors need to convert their Ethereum (ETH) holdings to buy Women Empowerment Token (WEMP).

WEMP is a community-driven, decentralized luxury DeFi token and has noble plans to uplift women around the world in providing and encouraging entrepreneurship, jobs, help run existing businesses and also donate to women-centric charities.

Women Empowerment Token WEMP Cryptocurrency Crypto Coin
Youtube grab / Women Empowerment Token WEMP

WEMP Token's founder Christine Curran states in the website that she's proud of the fact that the first 99 holders of the token are women and aims to encourage and educate more women to invest in cryptocurrencies for a better financial life.

The website also states that they plan on releasing women-centric NFT's made by women and the artwork would be released soon.

Women Empowerment Token WEMP Cryptocurrency Crypto Coin
Youtube grab / Women Empowerment Token WEMP

Christine Curran also revealed in the website that WEMP would provide free materials to women around the world and assist them with knowledge transfer about the nuances of cryptocurrencies.

''To support and empower women globally, while providing a platform to expose more women to crypto,'' read a statement from Curran on the WEMP Token's website.

At the time of publishing, Women Empowerment Token (WEMP) was trading at $0.000000002005 and is up +1087% in the days trade.

This article was first published on October 13, 2021