The Women of 2019: From Christina Koch to Lilly Singh, meet the 10 icons of the passing year

The passing year saw several women hogging the limelight for the right reasons. Meet some of them:

The year 2019 gave hope to several little girls, with women of eminence showing that dream is a path you can make on your own. The passing year did see several women getting several prestigious awards and hogging the limelight for the right reasons. As the year ends the world needs to look back at a few of the women who worked hard and forged a path for generations of women and little girls to look forward to.

Sanna Marin: The world's youngest Prime Minister

Sanna Marin
Sanna Marin (34), the 46th Prime Minister of Finland Twitter

Sanna Mirella Marin is Finland's 46th Prime Minister and the youngest in the world. Marin, born in 1985, was raised by her mother and her female partner in Tampere. She finished her Mater's in Administrative Sciences from the University of Tampere in 2017. Marin became the Vice President of the Social Democratic Youth in 2010. She became active in politics during 2012. In December 2019 she was nominated by the Social Democratic Party to succeed Antti Rinne as the prime Minister of Finland.

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg is Time's Person of the Year 2019 Time/Twitter

The young girl started a global movement. She was aware of the tomorrow that everybody should take care of, and today she has various recognition under her belt for being an active part of the global climate change. At the age of 16 Thunberg believes in rallying for what she believes in, which is the saving the planet. An inspiration to the young generation she has had the "Greta effect" on her peer group from across the globe. The one person rally has turned into a global phenomenon.

Katie Bouman

Katie Bouman
Katie Bouman, the woman who developed the algorithm that traced the black hole Wikimedia Commons

A visual that everyone thought was not possible was achieved by a team of 200 contributing to the breakthrough. A post-doctoral fellow from MIT, Katie Bouman, 29, worked on the algorithm that led to the successful visualization of the black hole. She created the alogorithm around three years ago that led to the image that broke the internet. The supermassive black hole in Messier 87 galaxy, some 55m light years from Earth, was captured for the first time because of her. Her indispensable role in history was not written out, as the image of her beaming in front of the image made rounds along with the black hole's image.

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh, a YouTube sensation and a late night host, Wikimedia Commons

Started as a YouTube star and today she hosts a late night show. Lilly Singh, 31, has always been seen as a raw, independent woman who was always sharing her experience with the millions that followed her. This year was her biggest breakthrough with the 'Little Late with Lilly Singh'.

Gita Gopinath

Gita Gopinath
Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund Wikimedia Commons

Gita Gopinath was appointed as the Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund in 2018 and assumed office in January 2019. She is the John Zwaanstra Professor International Studies and of Economics at Harvard University. She was born in India, but is presently an Overseas Citizen of India and a citizen of the United States of America. She has researched and worked extensively on International Finance and Macroeconomics and her published her work in various journals.

Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe
EIMS (FRANCE), (Xinhua) -- Megan Rapinoe of the United States celebrates her scoring during the Group F match between the United States and Thailand at the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup in Reims, France, June 11, 2019. The United States won 13-0. Xinhua

The Captain of Reign FC, the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) and the United States women's national soccer team Megan Rapinoe primarily plays as a winger. She won the Ballon d'Or Féminin and was named The Best FIFA Women's Player in 2019. She is known for her precision, crafty style and activism.

Miss World 2019- Toni Ann Singh and Miss Universe 2019- Zozibini Tunzi

Miss World 2019
Miss Jamaica Tony Ann Singh being crowned Miss World 2019 Miss World/Twitter

This was the year when the major pageant titles were won by black women. Not only did they win the crown but they won everybody's hearts. Toni Ann Singh is from Jamaica and has a degree from Florida State University. Zozibini Tunzi is from South Africa and her empowering final words after her win was viral for all the right reasons.

Zozibini Tunzi
Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi Miss Universe/ Instagram

Christina Koch and Jessica Meir

Christina Koch and Jessica Meir
NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir Credits: NASA NASA

Girls who were dreaming of the stars look up to these women who set one of the firsts this year. The NASA astronauts conducted an all women's space-walk outside the International Space Station in October. Koch and Mier did a seven-hour walk which was a first for Mier while this was the fourth time for Koch. Astronaut Tracy Dyson hoped that this was a normal occurrence and not just a first.

Cardi B

Cardi B.
Cardi B. Reuters

In February this year, Cardi B became the first woman to win best rap album award for her debut album which beat Nipsey Hussle, Pusha T, Travis Scott, and the late Mac Miller. This made her the first woman to do so in history. Cardi B thanked her baby girl who was born last year for her win.