Woman Who Flew 5000 Km to Meet Online Lover in Peru Killed for Organs

A woman who flew 5000 km, all the way from Mexico City to Lima in Peru, to meet her online lover in person has allegedly been murdered for organs.

Blanca Arellano, according to her family, had been in a virtual relationship with a man from Peru. They had been chatting for several months.

She decided to finally meet Juan Villafuerte in person. Arellano had told her niece, Karla Arellano, that the relationship was going well and she was "in love".

Two Weeks of Silence

Arellano's family became concerned after there was no communication from her. Karla made a plea for help on Twitter in locating Blanca. "My aunt Blanca Olivia Arellano Gutierrez disappeared on Monday, November 7 in Peru, she is of Mexican origin, we fear for her life."

This prompted the local police to launch an investigation.

The niece added that she had messaged the man her aunt planned to meet to find out what had happened. "Monday, November 7 was the day that for most of us who know her, she stopped having contact on social networks. I decided to communicate with Juan P since he was the only contact she had in that country and that is where our fear was triggered."

Karla also posted the alleged conversation with Juan. But he replied that Blanca got bored and that he couldn't give her the life she wanted, and so she had decided to go back to Mexico.

"I hope she is doing well, but my role here is over. I don't know anything else from here and I'm saying this with sadness. I'm sure her phone is not working or she's out of battery. Take care and I hope she gets safe back home," said Villafuerte.

Gruesome Discovery

However, police made a gruesome discovery – a severed finger, with the fingertip removed with a silver ring still on it - on November 10 on a local beach in Huacho Peru. Three days later, they found a torso without any organs on the same beach. Investigators confirmed the body parts belonged to Blanca.

The Peruvia police arrested Juan Villafuerte on November 17 as the main suspect behind the murder. Peruvian General Attorney told the local media that Juan Pablo Villafuerte was charged of human organs trafficking. He is also being probed on the charge of organ trafficking.

Moreover, investigators found blood stains in Villafuerte's apartment, some women's clothing, suitcases and a Mexican flag. The accused has denied any involvement in the crime.