Woman tried to exploit husband by attempting to cash $1 million check

Her husband wanted to give her the benefit of doubt

A woman from Tampa was arrested for her second attempt at conning her 77-year-old husband. The woman from Florida tried to cash in $1 million cashier's check attempting several times at the Tampa Amscot branch last month.

She told the employees that she was going to buy a yacht with her husband in Miami. Since her husband's name was also there on the check the money wasn't cashed in. The employees continued to refuse her attempts to cash in the money.

Lin Helena Halfon's suspicious behaviour prompted the bank to contact the police which led to the 26-year-old woman's arrest. She was charged with money laundering, organized fraud and exploitation of an elderly person. Her 77-year-old husband was notified of her attempts to cash in the money. According to the arrest warrant reports, Tampa businessman Richard Rappaport told the police that he wanted to give his wife the benefit of doubt. He didn't want her to be deported to Israel.

Money laundering
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Suspicious attempts get's the gold digger in trouble

The accused's latest attempt at cashing in the money landed her in the jail yet again. This time the husband conceded by saying that he believed that Halfon was exploiting him. Two checks totalling to $666,666 were cashed in by the woman thousand miles away from Tampa. Records show that the elderly man is the president of Panther Medical, a Tampa-based company that distributes braces, electrotherapy devices and other medical equipment.

Halfon and Rappaport married a few months ago and many of the family members were not aware of the wedding. The history between the couple is still unclear. Rappaport's daughter wasn't aware of the wedding taking place. She believed that Halfon was a fraud and was conning her father because of his age.

Halfon was arrested earlier this month for her fraudulent behaviour. The marriage between the two individual is valid. The case is being handled by Tampa attorney Todd Foster from Halfon's side. She is believed to be having a clear criminal record and is being accused of conning and trying to use Rappaport's money without his knowledge.