Woman Survives After Car Gets Trapped in Blizzard For 6 Days in Northern California's Little Valley

A California woman, Sheena Gullett, has survived after being trapped in a snowy wilderness for six days. She was driving with her friend Justin Honich when they got caught in a snowstorm.

Both had decided to set out on foot but Gullett's shoes were damaged and she had to return to her car.

California woman Sheena Gullett
California woman Sheena Gullett Twitter

How Did Gullett Survive For Six Days?

Notably, she had six packs of yogurts and she consumed one of them every day.

Gullett, 52, also ate snow to keep herself hydrated after she and pal Justin Honich, 48, got trapped by a blizzard while driving down a dirt road near Little Valley in northern California on April 14, according to Daily Mail.

Why Gullett Was Left Alone

The pair had spent a night in their car and decided to set out on foot the next morning as their vehicle's battery drained completely. But the two were separated as Gullett's shoes fell apart.

Honich continued to walk while Gullett waited for help in her car. In the harsh winter, Honich walked alone and sought shelter that night.

How Did Honich Inform Rescue Officials

Later on April 16, he reached a gravel road but could not contact any rescue officials and slept in the harsh conditions the whole night.

The next day, after reaching Highway 44, he arranged a vehicle till Susanville, where he informed officials that her friend Gullett is still stranded.

The sheriff's office and the forest services got immediately involved in the matter to rescue Gullett.

California Highway Patrol also made land and air searches for her. But the deteriorating weather forced officials to delay the rescue searches.

Officials located Gullett on April 20, nearly six days since she was stuck in the snow.

Service members along with Honich found Gullett at 3 pm on April 20. She appeared to be emotional but physically she was well.

She revealed that she had seen a rescue chopper but due to heavy snow they could not locate her.