Woman of substance Vandana Anchalia breaks the stereotypical image of women in India

Vandana Anchalia

The women in India and across the world are often considered ladies who can manage home and household things. But with time, things have changed for the better. Breaking stereotypes, women are the ones who can handle two extremes with finesse - being a mother as well as being a role model in the workspace. Yes, you read that right. Just like taking care of their toddlers, the ladies very well know how to nurture a business and grow it gracefully.

Today we tell you about Vandana Anchalia, a woman with diversified skills who very well knows how to juggle between personal life and professional life. She is a wife, a mother, and a woman who has defied all the odds to live the life of her dreams. In a time when women are often seen to take care of the home, Vandana with her exceptional work has proved that she is a master of all trades. Walking in a completely different league, she is an inspiration to millions of females of different age groups.

Beginning her career as a sales executive in a small-scale courier company, Vandana has explored different horizons before embarking on the journey of an entrepreneur. She is widely known for her philanthropic work and has always taken a stand against animal cruelty. Being an Animal Rights Activist and a Global Goodwill Ambassador, the entrepreneur has an organization of her own called 'Kannan Animal Welfare' that looks after animal welfare. In her words, "Every living creature on the planet deserves to be treated equally whether they are humans or animals."

Apart from her impeccable work towards society, Vandana has even chased her dream to make a name in the world of showbiz. She has been Mrs. India World Finalist 2020-2021 and has even bagged the People's Choice Award 2020-2021. Widely looked upon by many women, Vandana Anchalia had a beautiful message for the ladies. "You have got to live only one life. Without any barriers, live it to the fullest. Until and unless you are not harming anyone, do what you feel is right. I have always believed to live an independent life because nobody owns your freedom and nobody knows you better than yourself", stated Vandana.

While her journey in the field of entertainment has been one of a kind, Vandana has indeed worked hard to make her mark in the industry. Motivating every girl out there, she dissolved her healthy avatar and transformed herself into a stunning diva to participate in the beauty pageants. "Nothing worth having comes easy in life. This is one saying I truly believe in. Only hard work can help you in achieving your dreams", revealed Vandana. Exploring the newness as a multi-faceted personality, Vandana Anchalia is truly a force to reckon with for all the ladies who have hesitated to chase their dreams.