Woman spots UFO in Lanchester, experts admit it is a mystery


Suzanne Riley, a woman from Lanchester has claimed that she saw a UFO while driving home from work on Saturday. The woman revealed that she felt chills up her spine after witnessing the black craft hovering over trees. The sighting apparently took place near the County Durham village of Lanchester, Chronicle Live reports.

After witnessing the UFO, the woman shared her experiences on her Facebook page.

"I thought a Deceptacon Transformer was gonna land on my car," posted the woman on her Facebook page.

While speaking to Chronicle Live, the woman said the eerie incident left her scared and confused. She recalled that the unidentified flying object had no real wings or propellers that were visible.

"I was staring at it in shock thinking 'what the hell is that!. Cars around me were stopping and I nearly hit the man in front in a red car who had jumped out with his phone. I can't stop thinking about it. It had lots of edges going on all over it, not just a triangle in the sky. There were no real wings that would expect to see, or propellers that were visible," Suzanne told Chronicle Live.

Adding the mystery element, Suzanne said that a military aircraft arrived the spot within some moments.

As Suzanne's testimonials went viral in the online space, many conspiracy theorists started claiming that the object Suzanne witnessed is an alien spaceship came from deep space. These theorists also argue that governments are aware of alien existence, and that is why a military aircraft arrived the scene quickly.

However, some people have suggested that this UFO could be Nighthawk stealth aircraft which was developed by Lockheed's secretive Skunk Works division. It should be noted that the aircraft had officially retired from service in 2008. Experts are still unclear regarding the reasons which compelled the authorities to fly an officially retired aircraft unexpectedly over the skies.

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