Woman Runs SUV Over 9-Year-Old Boy For Pushing Her Daughter; Video Goes Viral

CCTV footage shows a car hitting a boy on a bicycle near school zone. South Koreans demand action against the driver under Min Sik Law.

Gyeongju accident
A woman driving a car hit a boy riding a bicycle near school zone in Gyeongju. Youtuvbe videograb @videomug

The CCTV footage of a woman running her SUV over a 9-year-old boy shared on Instagram is going viral. The video was shared by the boy's sister. She alleged that the woman driving the SUV hit her brother on purpose.

In the incident that occurred on May 25 near a school zone in Gyeongju, South Korea, a boy is seen being hit by an SUV while the driver in her 40s tries to take a right turn. The caption of the video shared on Instagram states: "hit the boy on purpose after he got into a small argument with the driver's daughter."

The Instagram account @xxsu.ji (that shared the video) has been made private now and the details of the incident have been reported by Koreaboo. Accordingly, the boy is injured in his right leg, and is being treated in a hospital currently.

Intentional or Accident?

The mother of the girl, who was driving the SUV, has confessed that she was following the boy but said she did not hit him intentionally. But the boy's sister gave an account of what happened before he was hit by the car.

The boy is studying in the second grade and was in the playground when he got into an argument with a 5-year-old girl. When the boy left the playground on his bicycle she followed him in her car and hit him after crossing the double solid lines near the school zone, she said.

After the boy fell down as the car hit him, she stopped the car and asked him why he pushed her daughter. Even though the boy was injured and was in pain, she did not call 911 or an ambulance. A passerby noticed the situation and called 911, she told Koreaboo.

The CCTV Footage

The CCTV footage from the playground shows that the boy did push the 5-year-old girl. The boy told that she was speaking rudely to him and wouldn't stop even when he told her not to speak to him. Her mother is seen rushing towards the boy and scolding him. Scared, the boy hops on to his bicycle and starts riding. The girl's mother gets into the car and follows the boy. She is seen yelling at him to pull over but he continues to ride his bike. The car then hits the boy at one point.

The boy's sister also told said the CCTV footage showed that the car shook before ramming into her brother and she did not even bother to apologize for hitting him. "This is attempted murder. I cannot believe a woman who has a child of her own would think to do something like this," she told Koreaboo.

Netizens Demand Punishment Under Min Sik Law

After watching the video, angry netizens said the woman should be punished under the Min Sik law. The traffic rules bill was passed by the Assembly in December 2019 that supports strict punishment to drivers causing accidents in school zones.

The rule is called Min Sik Law in remembrance of Kim Min Sik, a nine-year-old boy who died in September 2019 after he was run over by a car in the school zone in Asan, South Chungcheong Province. Min Sik Law states that if an accident in the school zone kills children under 13 years of age and the driver is found driving faster than 30 kmph they can be sentenced to a minimum of three-year jail term. If the driver injures a child then he/she can be sentenced to one year to 15 years of jail term based on the severity of injury and intention behind causing the accident. The driver also can be slapped with a fine between 5 million to 30 million won.

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