Woman gets kicked off from the plane after she alerts staff of her severe nut allergy that could kill her

Woman requests flight attend to not serve nuts as she could die due to severe allergy, gets kicked off the plane

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A 20-year-old woman was kicked off the plane after she informed the staff about her severe nut allergy. The woman named, Meleri Williams, alerted the flight attendants expecting that they would probably help her by not serving nuts on the plane and would request people not to eat them.

The staff from the airline Aerolineas Argentinas instead asked her to get off the plane. The Cardiff University student was 'shocked. Meleri was about to start volunteering at a primary school was forced to travel by bus. The school was 1,150 miles away and took her 26 hours to reach there.

"My allergy is very severe and could lead to anaphylactic shock where my airways could close up and I could potentially die. I do carry an Epipen but did not want to put myself in a position where there was high risk and I could suffer from an allergic reaction midflight." Meleri told Ladbible," I explained that I could develop an anaphylactic shock if I was in an enclosed environment where nuts are consumed, but they didn't seem to understand."


"The only food they had for their passengers was packets of dried fruit and nuts. They said that it would affect a greater number of people if nuts wouldn't be served. Meleri Williams, 20, ended up taking a bus instead," she added.

She said that there was a lot of fuss due to all this and she felt awful to walk away. She further added that it was distressing to try to explain everything. On the trip home, Meleri again tried to book Argentina's largest airline but received the same response.

She said: "We tried booking another flight and thought maybe if we gave them a warning it would be okay, but once again, they said it would be impossible." The 20-year-old did not receive any response from the airline regarding her complaint.