Woman with Nerve of Steel Takes Selfie As Wild Bear Sneaks Up Behind But Twitter is Furious- VIDEO

Viral video of the incident shows the moment three hikers at Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza García in Mexico encountered a wild black bear

A viral video has emerged online that shows the moment when a wild black bear snuck up on three women who were hiking a popular hiking trail at Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza García in Mexico.

The frightening incident that has been captured on video by other hikers shows the wild black bear sniffing around the three women while other hikers urge the women to remain absolutely still.

Moment hikers encountered a wild black bear
Moment hikers encountered a wild black bear at Chipinque Ecological Park Twitter/screengrab

The viral video shows one of the women from the group of three taking a selfie while the bear stands on his hinds and is sniffing her. The moment when the woman clicks the selfie, a voice in the back is also heard saying "no", probably in an attempt to warn the woman not to use her camera.

Even though the three women followed the guideline issued by the Chipinque Ecological Park that states that one should keep their distance and standstill. The woman who clicked the selfie broke the rule of the park that states that one should and never try to take pictures with the animal.

Moment hikers encountered a wild black bear

The video created quite a reaction online after it was shared on Twitter by - Rex Chapman with a caption " This girl has nerves of steel. She actually took a selfie with the big guy.."

The video that has now been viewed close to 100,000 times saw many raising concerns for the wild bear.

"Normally I love your videos, but this irresponsible. There will be idiots to follow the example and probably pay a high prize for their selfie," a Twitter user AgathaStaysHome tweeted.

Another tweet post said: "Bears aren't ferocious necessarily, but when humans do this, the bears begin to "trust" humans aren't dangerous and then do become more aggressive. And then when someone does what your doing and he attacks you, they will kill the bear bc now he's too "dangerous".

According to a report published in a Mexican news source - Blog Del Regio, the bear has been captured twice due to its closeness with humans but was released in its habitat after request from the locals.

The report revealed that the wild black bear is about 6 years old and weighs about 286 lbs (180 kilos).

" We corrupted the bear so much that it no longer has a remedy, reaching a very dangerous point called habituation-like behavior at the point of predation, " said Diana Doan-Crider, coordinator of the group of bear specialists at the International Union for Conservation of nature told Blog Del Regio.