Woman Murdered, Hanged From El Mirador Bridge In Baza California; Drug Cartel Left Horrifying Message On Her Body

A woman's body is found hanging from a bridge in Baza California. The woman, who wore a strapless green blouse, has a horrifying message written on her clothes.

"Welcome to the art of war. Keep trying scumbags," said the message written on a piece of cloth that was found on the woman.

Woman murdered, hanged from El Mirador bridge in Baza California
A woman was murdered and her body was hanged from El Mirador bridge in Baza California, Mexico Twitter

Woman's Body Found Hanging From El Mirador Bridge

Her body was hanged from El Mirador Bridge in Tijuana, a Mexican city that is marred by the war among the drug cartels. The body, which had a robust dark complexion and dark brown hair, is of an unidentified woman who is expected to be between 35 to 40 years old.

16 Women Have Been Murdered In August

At least 16 women have been murdered in August in the city while 159 this year. Previously in April, another woman's body was found hanging in a similar manner in the border city just south of California.

1,292 Murders Happened In Tijuana This Year

State Investigative Agency's data show that 1,292 murders happened in Tijuana between January to August this year.

Decapitated Heads And Charred Corpses Were Also Discovered

In June, decapitated heads and charred corpses were discovered as 15 people lost their lives during little more than a day of brutal cartel killings. The murders happened across several different neighborhoods of Tijuana, according to Daily Star.

On June 26, the first case happened when two human heads were found in the residential complex of El Mirador's La Isla. Of the two human heads, one belonged to a male while another one was to a female.

In a similar incident, a half-buried male body was found in the Granjas Buenos Aires neighborhood earlier. The incident happened before Gonzalo Chavarría Ramírez was shot to death in the suburb of Torres del Matamoros.

Human remains, including a female head, torso and other body parts, were also found inside a sack while two plastic boxes left in front of Conalep High School in Villa Floresta contained the torso of a man aged between 65 and 70 and two female legs, according to Star.

Reports claimed that the horrifying incidents are the results of bloodied war among the drug cartels in the city.

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