In a horrifying act, a 34-year old man killed his wife in broad daylight by first running her over with his car, then hacking her to death with an axe. The gruesome murder took place in the German city of Limburg on Monday. As per reports, the woman had recently separated from her husband and had moved to a local women's shelter along with her two children.

The man, who is of Tunisian decent, slammed his car on to the woman, dragging her for over 30m before the car crashed on a wall. After getting out, he took out the axe from the trunk of his car and hacked her to death with it. "You will not cheat on me anymore", he screamed, before butchering her. He later surrendered to the authorities.

The gruesome act was recorded by the onlookers on their mobile phones. The video was taken down from the internet after a warning by the Hesse police that said sharing of the video would constitute promotion of violence, in violation of German law.

It reads: "Whoever kills a human being out of murderous intent, to satisfy sexual desires, out of greed or otherwise base motives, insidiously or cruelly, or with means dangerous to the public, or in order to commit or cover up another crime..." For murder, the penalty is lifelong imprisonment, although usually suspended after 17–18 years.