Woman on Morning Walk Sexually Assaulted and Robbed on Manhattan Jogging Path

A bicycle rider attempted to sexually assault a 39-year-old woman jogger on a downtown Manhattan jogging path on Sunday morning. The incident has sent shock waves among the public.

People from different sections of the society have taken to social media, condemning the criminal act and have termed it as a worrying trend in the area.

As per the report carried in New York Post the attack happened around 6 a.m. on the Hudson River Greenway at Pier 40 near West and Clarkson streets, police said.

Unidentified attacker assaulted a woman jogger

The cops in a statement released briefed that the attacker pounced on the woman, choked her and sexually assaulted her before snatching her mobile phone. Thereafter, he escaped on his bicycle in an unknown direction.

NYPD On the Lookout To Nab The Culprit

EMS immediately sprung into action, taking the woman to a hospital for treatment. The woman was suffering from pain and had bruises over her body.

According to the surveillance video and photographs, the attacker is a 20-30 years old bearded man, 5'9", approximately weighing around 180 pounds. Also, he was dressed in a dark coloured attire.

The surveillance video was taken from the area of West Street and Charles Lane before the incident.

NYPD has called upon the people to share the attacker's information on its Crime Stoppers Hotline1-800-577-TIPS (8477) and Crime Stoppers Website or on Twitter @NYPDTips.

CBS News spoke to a few women about the incident who voiced their concern over these incidents. A woman while speaking about the attack on a jogger stated that she did not even like hearing about these stories and termed the attack as, "disconcerting". Another woman said that it was very important to make sure that we are staying safe and looking out for each other.

A twitter user while expressing his anger over the incident wrote, "Jogger sexually assaulted on path off West Street in Manhattan.... Go ahead and live in a liberal democrat "utopia" and THEN act surprised by this kinda subhuman behavior Please..."

"NYC FAILED STATE DIARY: Jogger sexually assaulted on path off West Street in Manhattan," shared another user.