Woman Grabs Tiger's Testicles to Take Photo; Receives Criticism on Social Media [VIDEO]

The images of the stunt went viral on social media platforms and Akkarachaiyapas was heavily criticized by the netizens

A woman tourist has been continuously facing criticism on social media platforms for 'humiliating ' a tiger after she fearlessly grabbed its testicles at a zoo in Thailand. The woman was visiting the Tiger Kingdom zoo located in Chiang Mai, the northern part of Thailand, during her visit she took selfies with the animal and posted them.

Shockingly, the hand of the woman named Waraschaya Akkarachaiyapas reached between the legs of the animal and then cupped its genitals while she photographed it. The incident took place on August 26 and she took the picture as the big cat was lying down.

The pictures of the stunt went viral on social media platforms and Akkarachaiyapas was heavily criticized by especially the angry locals who accused her of humiliating the tiger. Many zoos have faced criticism for allegedly sedating the animals that are powerful for the tourists to pose for pictures with them.

Woman Criticized for Touching Tiger's Testicles

Representational picture of a tiger Pixabay

One of the viewers named Phorntip Siracha was shocked and wrote, " This is so rude. The tiger did not allow you to touch his privates. You have no right to do that." Another user stated that what she did was dangerous as the tiger could have attacked her.

Many of the users stated that they felt sorry for the tiger as the animal's testicles got exposed online. The woman defended herself stating that she is an animal lover. After getting aware of the incident, the head of zookeepers Pirom Cahntama stated on August 29 that the staff monitors the guests during their interaction with the animals and make sure that all are safe.

Cahntama also mentioned that they do not allow to touch the testicles of tigers and will make sure that these kinds of incidents do not take place in the future. He stated that the zoo specialists conduct health checks of the tigers regularly.