Woman Duct-Taped to Seat After She Tries to Open Airplane Door; Video Goes Viral

A woman trying to open the door of the aircraft mid-flight was restrained and duct-taped to an airplane seat.

The video of a passenger on American Airlines duct-taped to an airplane seat is going viral on social media. It is said that the American Airlines crew was forced to tie her to the seat after she tried to open the door of the aircraft mid-flight.

The video shows a grey haired woman's mouth covered by silver color duct-tape and her arms and body taped to the seat. The Post reported that the unhinged woman had a big fight with flight attendant and tried to open the door of the aircraft.

American Airlines
A woman was duct-taped to the aircraft seat on American Airlines. Twitter

Fight with Flight Attendants

The incident occurred on American Airlines Flight 1774. The flight was bound to Charlotte, North Carolina from Dallas-Fort on July 6. The two-hour flight was delayed for three hours. It finally departed midnight but after one hour into the journey, a woman started fighting with flight attendants and there was chaos inside.

The lights were turned on at 1.30 AM and a passenger posted on twitter that they saw flight attendants frantically running up and down the aisles, whispering to each other. Soon, the crew of the plane started locking bathrooms, grabbing bags from overhead bins.

For some time flight attendants did not tell what was going on. But when people started panicking, pilot informed over the intercom that there was a bad situation in the plane. Pilot asked the passengers to stay in their seats.

What Happened Inside the Aircraft

Following this, passengers heard loud screams and really started getting worried. The woman who posted the incident on social media said that just minutes before landing, one of the flight attendants told her that a woman had an outburst demanded that she wanted to get off the plane. She was shouting 'I need to get off this plane,' and 'you need to let me off this plane'.

TMZ reported that a passenger told: "I guess it took all five flight attendants to subdue her and like literally take her down so. They pretty much took her down, put her in the seat and duct taped her." In one of the videos posted on social media, the woman is seen screaming "You! You! You!" as passengers de-board the flight as flight attendants are seen calmly nodding their goodbyes.

The American Airlines confirmed the incident, and told The Post that the woman had assaulted one of the flight attendants following a fight after she was restrained from opening the forward boarding door.

As soon as the flight landed in Charlotte, emergency personnel met the flight and took the woman to a local hospital. The woman has been put on no fly list.