Woman digs up WWII bomb from garden, makes it a dog toy; what happened next will shock you

Woman found a strange object while gardening and not knowing it was an unexploded live bomb from WWII, gave it to her dog to play and then scrubbed it clean before posting the picture on Facebook. Here is what happened later

Lulu Cirillo WWII bomb
WWII Bomb found in the garden of Lulu Cirillo Lulu Cirillo Facebook page

Unidentified objects can really be dangerous and even lethal sometimes. A woman in the UK faced a similar situation, but had no clue the object she found would have blown her to pieces if anything had gone wrong.

Lulu Cirillo was tending to her garden in the front yard of her house in Weymouth. While cleaning the surface, she heard a 'thud' and started digging to see what the matter was. From the sound, she thought it was a stone.

But after she dug, she found it was a strange metal object that she had not seen before. Not knowing what to do with it, she threw it towards her Shih Tzu dog Cica, who tried to play with it.

When the object was scrubbed clean...

After her work at the garden, Cirillo took the object inside and started cleaning it in the sink. She scrubbed it well and after it looked presentable, she clicked photographs of it and posted it on her Facebook page.

It was only when her friends commented that it was a bomb did Cirillo see the lethal nature of the object she had found. She immediately contacted the police and explained them the situation.

Unexploded live bomb from WWII

It was later found that the object was an unexploded bomb from World War II that was still live. The bomb was handed over to the bomb disposal squad of the Weymouth and Portland police. Then the bomb was detonated at the Weymouth beach.

The police recorded the detonation and posted on Facebook with the caption: "If anyone was wondering what the loud bang was just before 9 pm, we were assisting EOD with a controlled explosion on the beach! Everything in order, the cordons that were in place for everyone's safety were soon lifted. Thank you to members of the public for their cooperation."

Watch the video of detonation here

Cirillo was contacted by the BBC after the news spread and she said she was shocked to know the truth about the object. She said she took the object lightly and was cleaning it hours before it was found to be a bomb and detonated. "I never realised I might have been scattered around Weymouth," she told the BBC.