Kenyan Woman Says Her Saudi Arabian Employer Forced Her to Breastfeed His Dogs; Disturbing Video Surfaces (WATCH)

A woman has claimed that her Saudi Arabian employer forced her to breastfeed their dogs. The Kenyan mother had to breastfeed puppies of her employer in Saudi Arabia, where she came months earlier, leaving her husband and family back in Kenya.

The woman also recorded a sickening video of the incident. In the disturbing clip, she is seen breastfeeding little puppies for minutes.

Kenyan woman breastfeeding puppies
Kenyan woman breastfeeding puppies Twitter

Kenyan Mother Forced To Breastfeed Dogs

Kenyans are urging the government to ban employment agencies overseeing the migration of Kenyan workers to Saudi Arabia. It's believed that when the employer realized that she could breastfeed, she was given the job of breastfeeding puppies.

Video Shows Woman Breastfeeding Puppies

"She left her husband and children in Kenya two months after giving birth. When they realized she can breastfeed, the employer gave her a job breastfeeding puppies," Francis Atwoli, Kenya's Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General, told NTV showing the video of the distressing incident.

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Distressing Incident Took Place in Saudi Arabia

Terming the distressing incident 'indirect slavery', Atwoli called for intergovernmental diplomacy to address the plight of Kenyans in Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries.

Kenyans Demand To Ban Employment Agencies

"This is indirect slavery, I want to appeal to our government to go the way President Kibaki's government under Phylis Kandie did. She banned all employment agencies in Kenya. Let this issue be a government-to-government," said Atwoli, according to Daily Star.

Kenyan Government Needs To Negotiate With Saudi Arabia Directly

The COTU head also stated that it's time for Kenya to directly negotiate with Saudi Arabia on matters of terms and conditions of service. "So that our people can do decent jobs and not a job of breastfeeding dogs."

He claimed Kenyans are being disrespected by such inhumane actions happening to them in Saudi Arabia.

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