'Woman With Big Bo*bs Available in Paradise': Muslim Cleric's X-Rated Vision of Heaven Sparks Controversy

An Indian Muslim cleric has stirred a massive controversy for his bizarre claim about the advantages of being a Muslim. During a speech, the scholar identified as Maulana EP Abubakar Qasmi claimed that "Woman with big bo*bs" is available in paradise.

Well, that is not all. According to a portal called Organiser, the cleric spoke at length about his X-rated vision as he said there are rivers of wine that flow in heaven along with big bungalows and gardens.

Speaking in Malayalam, a native language, Qasmi further claimed that "women in heaven neither urinate nor defecates." According to him, Muslims bound for heaven gets the opportunity to lay on the laps of these women. He also claimed that women in paradise don't have the ability to think.

Who is EP Abubakar Qasmi?
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Meanwhile, the speech has stirred massive controversy on social media. While some users made fun of the cleric, others slammed him for his controversial and disrespectful comments.

Here's What Twitter Users Commented

"This is primitive, a middle-aged person living in antiquity doesn't deserve any respect from anybody irrespective of religion. How come a good Muslim imagines this paradise? Quran respects women," wrote one Twitter user.

Another said, "See the reality of Islam followers, their thoughts and dirty mind. This is why their population is getting increased because they are being taught the same thing."

A third user's sarcastic tweet read, "Ha Ha Ha if he knows everything about JANNAT about hoor wine, etc. Why he is sitting on Earth why don't he leave for Jannat, these Maulana create confusions among young Muslims."

While a fourth said, "This cleric, makes one sick...Imagine a cult..devoid of logic and miles away from spiritualism ....meant for dumb people provided by a dumb cleric. What is provided for women in his Janat?"

However, none of the politicians in the Indian state (Kerala) have reacted to this bizarre and misogynistic speech. It is yet to be seen whether the government or any other organisation takes any action against this Muslim cleric, who if has openly objectified women as mere sex toys if reports are to be believed.