Woman arrested for murdering daughter, chopping corpse and attempting to push body parts through drain

Hong Kong murder
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A woman in Hong Kong has been arrested on the charge of murdering her 12-year-old daughter and dismembering her in a Mong Kok flat on Sunday, December 17.

Neighbours of the woman stated that they heard chopping noises from the flat. The police were called to the scene after 9 pm when a neighbour complained that the 37-year-old woman from China had refused to return a mobile phone. The woman was said to be standing outside the apartment when the police arrived.

Officials had to break down the door after the woman refused to let them enter. They found the daughter's dismembered body in the bathroom. The drainage pipes had been clogged as the woman had tried to get rid of her daughter's body parts. Water and blood were seeping out of the bathroom.

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"Her head, organs and body had been mutilated. The bathroom had flooded which was affecting neighbouring flats," said Mong Kok assistant district commander Chung Chi-ming, as reported by South China Morning Post.

Neighbour Tsui, who lives opposite the accused's house, mentioned that she had never the daughter before. She also said that she had been hearing suspicious noises from the woman's flat for half an hour around 3 pm. She also claimed to have smelled strong antiseptic from the crime scene. Other neighbours stated that the mother and daughter had frequent quarrels but had been unusually quiet recently.

The woman has no record of mental illness or domestic violence and is a long-term resident of Hong Kong. Her daughter was a Hong Kong identity card holder and was a student in the city. The victim's father was separated from the woman and lived in the Chinese Mainland.

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Chung said that the accused was not able to cooperate with officers when they were arresting her. "We have to wait until her situation gets better to investigate," he added. Currently, she is being detained for questioning.

Forensic pathologists are inspecting the crime scene and also trying to find the chopper and tools that were used for the deceased's dismemberment.

This article was first published on December 18, 2017