A 20-year-old woman stated that she was raped for two weeks after getting abducted by a man on a motorcycle, as per reports. She only made an escape after she got her hands on a phone and called her father for help. At Anta police station, located in the Indian state of Rajasthan, she told the station commander named Umesh Manaria Phorulal Odd, from the closeby town of Kapren located in the Bundi district, had kidnapped her as she visited relatives for a wedding on November 9.

She was alone briefly while she went to the toilet, she later informed the cops and that was the time when the attacker pounced on her. According to her, he then kept her captive in a jungle located near the town of Mandana for two weeks. During the time, she alleged that the man raped her continuously and it was on November 22 that she managed to call her father who came to rescue her.

Woman Raped for 2 Weeks in Rajasthan

Rape and harassment

The police report noted that the victim was not reported missing by her family during her disappearance. The inspector Manaria told the New Indian Express that a First Information Report was made against the man and he is currently being sought for the purpose of questioning.

He also mentioned that the alleged victim was examined medically and her statement was recorded by a magistrate. The latest figures from the National Crime Records Bureau of India state that there were more than 32,000 reported rapers in the nation in 2019, around 88 per day, as reported by Daily Star.

In the case of Rajasthan province, the figures are pretty bad, with more than 6,000 cases taking place in the region last year. With a bad conviction rate, nearly 30 percent of the rapists in India are brought to justice, as activists believe that a change is required.