Woman affected by Coronavirus spits in the face of health worker, likely to face legal action

Actress Jun Ji Hyun has been shamed for not contributing towards the cause while South Korea reports 594 new cases

The lives of health workers helping people affected by coronavirus around the world are also in danger. In a recent incident, a woman frustrated for having confirmed to have coronavirus or COVID-19, spit in the face of a health worker, inciting rage.

A woman in her 20s reportedly cursed the ambulance driver who is working as a public health worker and spit on his face. The health worker is 44 years old and is now in self-quarantine. The incident occurred on February 28 at Daegu.

The public health worker was helping her when she spat

Image for representation only. Xinhua/IANS

The public health worker was helping to shift the patient to the Daegu Medical Centre for further treatment when the angry patient unexpectedly spit on him. The health worker is contemplating on taking legal action against the patient. While the hospital representatives have reportedly said that they will press charges against the patient for interfering with official duty.

This news has gone viral on social media and netizens are lashing out at the patient for taking out her anger and frustration on the health worker who was trying to be of help. Some social media users called the patient "worse than a demon," while some said that she needs to go to the jail, some even asked "If she was really a human being."

Actress Jun Ji Hyun shamed

Meanwhile, netizens have shamed actress Jun Ji Hyun for not donating for the cause of treating coronavirus patients. They have called her irresponsible for her inaction. Other stars including Park Seo Joon, So Ye Jin, BTS' Suga, Lee Byung Hun, Gong Yoo, Kim Woo Bin, Shin Min a, Jung Woo Sung, Yoo Jae Suk, Song Joong Ki, Ahn Jae Wook, Suzy, IU, Kim Go Eun, and BI was also among the celebrities who donated for the cause.

Coronavirus cases in South Korea

At least 594 new confirmed cases have been reported in South Korea, taking the total to 2,931, as of now. South Korea has the second-highest confirmed cases of COVID-19 apart from China and the number of affected is growing rapidly.

Though no confirmed case has been made public so far, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, conducted a meeting of party officials on Friday directing them to deal with the spread of virus effectively.

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