Woman accuses K-pop idol of sexual assault

The woman later recanted her statement to say that the singer was not involved, according to Soompi.

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A member of a Korean boy band was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a home in Yeoksam in Gangnam, Seoul. The woman called the police at about 8:56 AM on July 6 to say that she was assaulted by the unidentified singer and another male that she had drinks with.

But when the police came, the K-pop idol was no longer there. Oly the alleged victim and another man were present, Yonhap News reported.

However, another companion of the group denied the woman's claims.

"A witness account was different from the complaint we received, while we haven't taken a full statement yet from the caller. We have to listen to both sides," the police said.

The woman later recanted her statement to say that the singer was not involved, according to Soompi.

"(The singer) did not sexually assault me. I think I was assaulted by two other men that we were with," the woman said in a sworn statement she submitted to the police on July 6.

As a result, the police said they would not summon the K-pop idol but would investigate the two men that the woman identified.

While the idol was unidentified, one Korean entertainment site used the photo of Infinite's Woohyun in its story about the sexual assault.

MyDaily used the photo but without the face. However, netizens guessed that it was Woohyun when he performed at the 2016 Dream Concert, according to AllKpop.

In its apology, MyDaily said, "We apologize for our carelessness in choosing the thumbnail. We have immediately deleted it. Once again, we apologize for our negligence."

On Netizen Buzz, Koreans suspected that the victim changed her statement after allegedly receiving money.

One wrote, "Looks like they reached a settlement" while another said, "And a settlement has been made."

"Seeing as how it's ending quietly like this, money seems to have been deposited into her account. If she takes this any further, she's a kkot-baem," another netizen wrote.

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