Wiz Khalifa lashes out at Girls' Generation's Taeyeon about MAMA 2016 music collaboration

Wiz Khalifa claims Taeyeon lied about her reasons for cancelling their collaboration.

Wiz Khalifa
U.S. rapper Wiz Khalifa poses on the red carpet during Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong, China December 2, 2016 Reuters

American rapper Wiz Khalifa claims Girls' Generation's Taeyeon lied about her reasons for cancelling their collaboration at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2016 held on 2 December at the Hong Kong Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong. The 29-year-old artist performed the track, See You Again from Furious 7, solo at the event.

Taeyeon revealed through a post on her Instagram stories that the stage had audio issues and that she was also told that the performance would be called off. However, Khalifa took to his Twitter account and lashed out at the girl group member.

He tweeted: "She claimed she had to go to the hospital the night before. Did the practice. Asked to be on a different stage than me then canceled."

One of the fan commented: "You were very well in the presentation and that's what matters, not what the girl did."

The rapper replied: "Exactly. No matter if people take responsibility for their actions or not."

The feud escalated after Taeyeon posted a clip from the night of the rehearsal. She stated: "I didn't go to the hospital my friend.. I was washing up at this time while waiting for you."