Kalpavriksha, a steel tree designed by India designer Vibhor Sogani, is coming up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Vibhor Sogani/PRNewswire

Taking cue from Hindu mythology, designer Vibhor Sogani has completed building a huge art installation 'Kalpavriksha - the wish fulfilling tree', in the Indian state of Gujarat, which is the second-largest in India.

In Hindu mythology, 'Kalpavriksha' stands for a wish fulfilling tree. The 35 ft. high installation stands in the centre of a 100 ft. wide roundabout coming up at Arvind Group's residential complex in Ahmedabad. Tuned to the surrounding landscape, the installation is an abstraction of a tree, blending into the serene, flowing greens around it, said the designer.

Crafted from mirror-finished steel balls, the structure of the Kalpavriksha tries to manifest the whole roundabout as a point of visual focus for the residential complex and its surroundings.

Embracing the nature of life, the installation brightens on a sunny day and appears soft and diffused when the sky is overcast. In the evenings, an amber glow on the inside and a cold white glow on the outside adds another element of a visual treat to it.

The structure's mirror-finish and high reflectivity stand out beautifully at night and offers an engaging experience to get different perspectives from the masses - from a child to an adult, from a local to a tourist, said a statement from the designer.

Recipient of the award 'Indian Art Icon of the Year 2014' in Singapore, Sogani is known for his earlier public art installation the 'Sprouts', which is the largest in India measuring 40 ft. high stainless steel installation spread over 6 acres of greens surrounding the AIIMS flyover in the heart of Delhi.

Kalpavriksha, a steeel tree art in steel is coming up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, designed by Vibhor Sogani. Vibhor Sogani